Payment and Shipping


Standard shipping worldwide is included FREE (Arrives in approximately 10 to 25days by air mail/tracking, but not online)

For faster return shipping please Contact US

Express shipping $50.00 USD (Arrives in approximately 3-8 days/online tracking)

Only 1 shipping fee applies to group orders when shipping the group order to the same address.

We ship in express envelopes and use a generic business name for the return address. Details are sent after shipment on our current method that ensures 100% smooth arrival to your door.

Mailed payments must be shipped with a tracking number that is trackable online with your shipper, or it will not be processed! Please take the time to read the details below regarding mailing payments and receiving a tracking number.

Payment Instructions:

Submit your order form (or submit multiple forms for each person if doing a group order). Every time you submit an order form, you will receive submission confirmation giving you 2 things:

(1) Assigning your order a Customer Invoice# (this is an assigned number given by our ordering system to the order form you just submitted)

(2) Payment Verification link (A link you will use later to confirm you payment , so we can start your order and have it ready to ship once payment arrives.)

Payment Methods

  • Bitcoin
  • WesternUnion
  • Moneygram